Boondocker Boundaries

Reports from the field indicate that the road to the boondocking spot just up from Poncha Springs where I parked in 2015 is no longer pleasantly passable for a rig the size of the Winnie. The road was rough, rutted and potholed when I drove it three years ago, but others more brave than I deemed it “even worse now.”

And Salida East, once a free BLM boondocking spot on the Arkansas River, has Continue reading

Up on A Tightrope

The great  Karl Wallenda, tight rope walker extraordinaire of The Flying Wallendas once said “Walking the wire is living, everything else is waiting.”   I feel that same way about being on the road.  It is living.  Everything else is waiting…

My family senses this stirring in me.  My Mom has thankfully always been one to “push her chicks out of the nest.”   So finally, after 75 days of being parked down on the farm, she says “I don’t want you waiting around here for Dad and me to croak.  It’s time for you to get back to living your life.  We’ll be okay here.”   I saw a crack in the window, and I flew through it. Continue reading