“Barrancas del Cobre,” Mexico’s Copper Canyon, Part 2…

The 400-mile “El Chepe” rail journey makes six stops at small towns or villages along the way where one can exit the train for an overnight stay to explore the canyon.  The first of these stops is Creel, one of Mexico’s “Puebla Magicos,” or Magic Towns, a category designated by the Secretariat of Tourism for their natural beauty, cultural or historical significance.   Creel is also the main backpacker destination, offering hiking and camping excursions deep into the canyon. Continue reading

Yea, Though I Ride Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

As I planned my annual trek down to Mexico for New Years Eve, I decided to take a different route this year.  Since Christmas falls in the middle of the week, I begged off from the traditional family Gluttonfest and Gift Card Extravaganza in order to stretch my vacation into two weeks.    I am meeting my brother Don in Oaxaca for our annual Mexico New Year’s celebration, so this would give me just enough time for a side trip to parts of Mexico not yet explored on the Bucket List. Continue reading