Fording the River Fremont

One thing I have quickly learned to appreciate about the Red Rocks Gang is that no hike is going to be “pedestrian.”  You may find yourself skirting stagnant tanks in the side of the mountain or being hoisted over boulders, but one thing for sure, it will be an adventure!   So bring your water shoes, as today, we are walking across a 20 ft wide river and bushwhacking through the bulrushes to reach the trail! Continue reading

Ladies Choice!

Hiking with the “Red Rocks Gang” takes on a whole different aura when it’s a “Ladies Only” hike.   One would think tempo or pace would be the obvious difference, but quite the contrary.  Of our two dynamic duos, Gayle and Jim and Mark and Bobbie, both women tend to be the trail blazers, up front setting the pace.  Continue reading