The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

It is eerily empty here in the Red Rocks boondock. The gang all pulled out this morning bound for Kodachrome, while I am headed east to cross a couple more national parks off my never-ending task master, my Bucket List. But without a list, I lose track of my desires. And without desires, there is no expansion, no growth. Right? Continue reading

Fording the River Fremont

One thing I have quickly learned to appreciate about the Red Rocks Gang is that no hike is going to be “pedestrian.”  You may find yourself skirting stagnant tanks in the side of the mountain or being hoisted over boulders, but one thing for sure, it will be an adventure!   So bring your water shoes, as today, we are walking across a 20 ft wide river and bushwhacking through the bulrushes to reach the trail! Continue reading