Flight of the Honey Bee

For several years, my parents have had a hive of bees living in between the walls of their storage shed, painted to look like a red barn, therefore appropriately referred to as “The Red Shed.” No one knows how they got there, but Mom remembers seeing a swarm arrive one day, so thick it darkened the sky. Shortly thereafter, they started noticing increasing numbers of bees inside and around the shed. Continue reading

Urban Honey

When I was in Jersey City last September visiting with so many good friends, I got a little behind on the blog because there were so many people to see and old haunts to revisit.    Yet one of my favorite days while there never made the blog.   Now, my dear beautiful friend Paige is in the hospital, weighing heavily on my mind.  So I am inspired to go back and finish one of my best memories…

It was over dinner of burgers and brews at the White Star Tavern with two of my sailing buddies, Dan and Paige, when Paige announced, “We are beekeepers now!”  They bought a bee hive. 500 bees.  In Jersey City.  On their third floor rooftop.  Who knew there were “penthouse bees? “ Continue reading