At Home in Hole in the Wall

The intention on arriving at the Hole in the Wall Campground in Mojave Preserve was that we would spend a night or two while scouting around for a suitable boondocking spot to finish out the remainder of the Spring Break week/Easter weekend.   However, we are unable to find a signal on our nearby scouting attempts, driving down dusty roads in Jim and Gayle’s Subaru while monitoring our respective devices, me with a Verizon Mifi in one hand and an AT&T iphone in the other, both which indicate “No Service.”   Continue reading

These ARE the Good Ole Days!

Having moved from the thriving energy of Manhattan to “Fatlanta” in the “aughts decade,” I was pretty miserable. I had not yet established any relationships in Atlanta, and missed my lifestyle back in New York so badly it hurt. I was now owned by a 3 bedroom beige ranch-style home, and confined to house arrest by an imprisoning job. I would sit at my desk with the only 3 x 3 window in the room at my back, and stare at travel pictures on my “Wall of Inspiration.” Continue reading

Mojave Meet-Up

It’s no secret that the trifecta of monochromatic monotony; first Quartzsite, then Yuma, then Anza Borrego all did a number on my mood this winter.   I just couldn’t seem to overcome the austere bleakness of my surroundings on the heels of what was a difficult holiday season.  So the prospect of heading back into a place called the “Mojave Desert” seemed a bit daunting.  But Jim and Gayle were headed there to wait out the spring break and Easter holiday crowds, which seemed like a good idea after yielding to a human train of hikers coming down Ryan Mountain in Joshua Tree. Continue reading