Is Prescott the Perfect Place?

Ask any full timer who might be thinking of becoming a “some timer” what places are on their short list for settling down and establishing a home base?   Prescott, Arizona is likely to be in their Top Five.   The high elevation combined with the arid climate
makes for mild winters, survivable summers, and near-perfect weather in longer-than-
average spring and fall.   Such a change of seasons can be a rarity in the southern US. With the crazy weather patterns in the west this year, I experienced three out of four seasons in just one week! Continue reading

You Can’t Always Get What you Want

But if you try sometime…you just might find…ya get what ya need!

I wanted to go to Lake Havasu.  I have never been before, and my dear friend and former technical SCUBA instructor Joel lives there.   I haven’t seen Joel since the late 90’s before I moved from New York.  Since we last saw each other, one of us is now 40 pounds lighter, fit, tanned, and has platinum blonde hair. Continue reading