Is Prescott the Perfect Place?

Ask any full timer who might be thinking of becoming a “some timer” what places are on their short list for settling down and establishing a home base?   Prescott, Arizona is likely to be in their Top Five.   The high elevation combined with the arid climate
makes for mild winters, survivable summers, and near-perfect weather in longer-than-
average spring and fall.   Such a change of seasons can be a rarity in the southern US. With the crazy weather patterns in the west this year, I experienced three out of four seasons in just one week! Continue reading

More Tales (and Tails) from the Trails

Now that I am in Arizona with a two hour time difference, in order to keep to Central time zone hours, I have to start my workday at 6:00am, which sounds pretty dreadful, especially when I have early morning conference calls.  But the plus side of that means I can stop at 3:00pm.   This leaves me with four and a half hours of glorious daylight to burn, and I can’t think of a better place to burn it than Prescott!  Continue reading

You Can’t Always Get What you Want

But if you try sometime…you just might find…ya get what ya need!

I wanted to go to Lake Havasu.  I have never been before, and my dear friend and former technical SCUBA instructor Joel lives there.   I haven’t seen Joel since the late 90’s before I moved from New York.  Since we last saw each other, one of us is now 40 pounds lighter, fit, tanned, and has platinum blonde hair. Continue reading