The Culling of Quartzsite

First of all, thank everyone so much for their wonderfully comforting and kind comments to my “trying to get the feeling again” post.¬†¬†That started out as just a rambling journal entry, trying to figure out how I “lost that loving feeling.” I figured after almost three months of silence, I would be playing to an empty room. But after your thoughtful words of support and encouragement, I am feeling a bit “verklempt.” It meant so much to me to know there are so many other more “seasoned” bloggers who have bouts with the same self-doubt. For me, writing comes from the heart, not the head. If the feeling is there, the words need to come out one way or another. If not, well then the “well is dry.”

Bear with me through a few rambling reflections on Quartzsite: Continue reading