Heaven and Hell in Idaho

One of the sights in Idaho on my wish list is Hell’s Canyon, a 10-mile wide chasm carved by the Snake River, dividing Oregon, Washington and Idaho.   At 7,993 feet, it is North America’s deepest river gorge.   There are only three roads that reach the Snake River in the canyon – two from Oregon and one from Idaho.  But the road in Idaho at Pittsburgh Landing is not in the steep canyon section.   The only way to see the deepest sections are by boat or from a lookout.  I originally envisioned myself careening down the Snake River wearing a helmet and wielding an oar over Class III and IV rapids.   But I also envisioned myself here in August.  At this time of year, the white water rafts are in dry dock while the River Rats scurry south for the winter.  If I wanted to peer into Hell’s Canyon, I would have to resort to “Overlook.” Continue reading

Following Idaho’s Rivers and Scenic Byways

Ten years ago, while vacationing on a tiny island off the coast of Belize, Tobacco Caye, I met a man who waxed poetic about Idaho’s Salmon River.  I can still remember his vivid descriptions of rafting this wild and scenic river through canyons, rapids, and some of the largest wilderness in our country.    He talked of pristine white sand beach camping under star-filled skies, Continue reading