No Phone! No Lights! No Motorcar…

Not a single luxureeee….. Like Robinson Crusoe….Only with 4G!

After hearing the Park Ranger talk about the remote, rustic Great Island Cabins over on the Cape Lookout barrier island as the ideal place to “get away from it all,” and fall asleep to the lull of the ocean waves after a night of brilliant star gazing, I decided to leave the Winnie behind for a one night sample. Continue reading

Hangin’ in Hatteras

I’ve had a lot of fun here in Cape Hatteras, in spite of the fact that I didn’t really care for the cluttered and clustered Frisco Woods campground.  The island is a culmination of all things I like – long stretches of deserted beach, sunsets on the Sound, shipwreck museum, and scrumptious seafood. Continue reading