An Agenda in Tucson

I fell in love with Tucson when I visited last year, but my time was limited.  I was on my own version of the Amazing Race to make it to Oregon in time for the spring Skinnie Winnie Rally, so I limited myself to three nights in both parks; Catalina and Gilbert Ray.   I loved both of them equally for their different surroundings, so this year, I vowed to return and stay until I felt like I’d had my fill. Continue reading

The A to Z of Canyon Living

Just about twenty minutes east of Catalina State Park in the Coronado National Forest is the pretty little Sabino Canyon.    I visited there on the recommendation of the same Park Ranger who recommended I divide my time in Tucson.  Still trying to warm up to the “other side of Tucson,” I figured I should reserve judgment until I had explored his favorite recommendation. Continue reading