The A to Z of Canyon Living

Just about twenty minutes east of Catalina State Park in the Coronado National Forest is the pretty little Sabino Canyon.    I visited there on the recommendation of the same Park Ranger who recommended I divide my time in Tucson.  Still trying to warm up to the “other side of Tucson,” I figured I should reserve judgment until I had explored his favorite recommendation. Continue reading

The Other Side of Tucson

Since I had to come into town to finish up my taxes, I figured I may as well explore the other side of Tucson.   Two different Park Rangers at Saguaro National Park (West,) as well as my friend Lynne suggested I split my time in Tucson between Gilbert Ray and Catalina State Park to the north, since both areas were so vastly different in scenery, ambiance, and accessibility to “infrastructure.”   So I hitched up the Winnie and reluctantly pulled out of Gilbert Ray, saying goodbye to my statuesque, silent saguaro friends, vowing, “I’LL BE BAAACK!!!” Continue reading