Into Every Life Some Rain Must Fall

Colorado has been in my sites as my summer destination this year since the end of the season in 2015 when the declining temperatures cut my exploration short, sending me back south. This summer, my hope is to travel further north and see some of the areas I didn’t get to explore last time.

But at the same time, I want to also hit some of the places I missed along the way. My attempt is to walk that fine line between revisiting (remembering?) what I’ve missed Continue reading

Ticket to Ryde in Telluride

After saying my reluctant “goodbyes” in Ouray, I decide to make Telluride my next stop for several reasons, not the least of which is a good excuse to chicken out of driving the Million Dollar Highway. I have been up and down the road a dozen times now as far south as Molas Lake in one of the gang’s Suburus, and it doesn’t intimidate me. However, Continue reading


Once again I find myself overwhelmed at the kindness in my comment box. Thank you all for your words of comfort extended to my family during these difficult days back on the farm.

I often take stock of the incredible places in which I find myself, and the bonus of like-minded community that I am so fortunate to have found as a result of this blog.  Never could I have imagined the network of friends that would come as a result, particularly for a self-proclaimed “loner” like me. Continue reading